Pilates Basement pivots online thanks to PayID

Faced with the prospect of Victoria’s prolonged COVID19 lockdown, owner of boutique fitness studio ‘The Pilates Basement’, Casey Bennett, had to quickly find a way to keep her business income flowing.

“We had taken a hit to our income after being closed for those first couple of weeks of the lockdown. When it looked like it was going to continue longer than expected, we had to take our classes online.

“But we were used to taking our payments in person and had no way for our customers to pay us. I remembered a friend showing me how to use PayID once before, when we were splitting the bill at a restaurant and I didn’t have the right amount of cash to give her.

“It was the perfect option. I didn’t have to give out my BSB and account number, or deal with the hassle of trying to work out which customer had paid me because they could put in a longer description,” Casey said.

According to Casey, PayID was a simple way to reignite her business’s cashflow.

“It absolutely helped with cashflow because people could pay me so quickly when they signed up for our online program. I’d get the payment instantly,” she said.

“I’m a pilates instructor, I’m not tech savvy; figuring out how to teach classes online was enough! But setting up a PayID in my internet banking was really simple. I used my phone number as my PayID because my clients already have that.”

For some of Casey’s clients, it was the first time they had ever paid to a PayID.

“A few people weren’t sure at first, but once I told them they just had to go into their internet banking and choose PayID as the option, they thought it was so easy. They just had to put my number in, see that it was me, and then watch the payment go straight away.

“And now that we’re out of the lock down and we have people back in the studio, a lot are still using PayID, especially if someone has forgotten their wallet or their card.

To learn more about The Pilates Basement, click here.

PayID is offered by your bank, building society or credit union. Look for PayID inside your internet or mobile banking, or contact your bank for more information.

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