PayID for business

If you’re a business owner, PayID can make life simpler for your customers.

PayID makes life simple for business owners

With PayID, your customers can pay money straight into your business account without needing to know your BSB and account number. And because payments made to PayIDs use the New Payments Platform you’ll receive those payments into your account in near real-time*.

*some participating financial institutions may place a hold on first-time payments to your PayID for security reasons

Fewer mistakes

When a customer pays you using your PayID they will be given the chance to check the name linked to your PayID before they confirm their payment.

Talk to your bank, building society or credit union about the name you’d like displayed – it could be the name on the account, or perhaps your trading name.

Your bank, building society or credit union will let you know what documents you need to provide to register your registered business name as a PayID name.

More information

If your customers make a payment to your PayID using the Osko service, they will be able to include longer descriptions – up to 280 characters – so make sure to ask them to include any details you wish to see at the time of payment.

Different PayID types

The type of PayIDs your business can use will depend on who you bank with, but most offer ABNs, ACNs, mobile phone numbers, landline phone numbers and email addresses.

You can register multiple PayID types and either link them all to one account, or they can be individually linked to different accounts. It’s important to keep in mind that each PayID can only be linked to one account at a time.

Use the PayID logo on your website and invoices

Once you’ve created your PayID, you can let your customers know it’s available to make payments to by using one of our logos. We have some simple terms and conditions that apply to use our PayID logos.

By providing your organisation’s details below, downloading and/or using our logos, you’ll be deemed to agree to our terms and conditions in our PayID Brand StandardsWebsite Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

Simple as.

Example: Steven, Anna