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Using a PayID® can help protect you and your customers from scammers who can intercept your invoices.

When customers make a payment to your PayID, they’ll be able to confirm they’re paying you before they hit send.


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Let your customers know they can pay you with PayID. Simply enter your details, download the material and you’re good to go.

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PayID is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited.
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PayID is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited.

Let your customers know they can pay your with PayID. Simply enter your details and download the artwork to include on your invoices.

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PayID is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited.

Marketing material

PayID for business

To access the PayID brand guidelines and marketing material please head to the PayID brand portal.

    Use the PayID logo on your website and invoices

    Once you’ve created your PayID, you can tell your customers it’s available by using one of our logos. We have some simple terms and conditions that apply to use our PayID logos.

    By downloading and/or using these PayID logos, you’ll be deemed to agree to our terms and conditions in our PayID Brand Standards, Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

    Benefits of PayID

    Once you’ve registered a PayID and linked it to your preferred account, give your customers your PayID for fast and simple payments straight into your account.

    Fewer mistakes

    Your customers can see your business name before they confirm their payment, helping protect you from scammers and mistakes.


    Fast setup

    Register your PayID 24×7 in your internet or mobile banking app.


    Low Cost

    No extra subscription or POS terminal required.


    Improved cashflow

    Receive payments in real-time, 24×7.

    Detailed description

    Payments can have longer descriptions – up to 280 characters.

    Frequently asked questions and your business

    Payments to your PayID should arrive in under a minute if they have been sent to the correct PayID. Some payments may be subject to security checks which could delay a payment. Contact your bank for more information.

    A PayID can only be linked to one account at a time. However, you can create multiple PayIDs that you can link to either the same account, or different accounts.  

    PayID is an initiative of NPP Australia, the organisation that operates Australia’s real-time payments infrastructure, the New Payments Platform (NPP). NPP Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Payments Plus, Australia’s domestic payment organisation that also includes BPAY group and eftpos.